New Palms For Sale

Roystonea regia – Cuban Royal Palm Tree
The fast growing Roystonea regia grows to a height 20-30m tall. These palms are one year old.

Saribus rotundifolius – Red Leaf Fountain Palm
The beautiful Saribus rotundifolius or Red Leaf Fountain Palm is a stunning fan palm. Beware of the sharp armored petioles.

Saribus rotundifolius – Black Trunk, Black Footstool Palm
A beautiful form of Saribus rotundifolius that has a black trunk!

Chambeyronia macrocarpa – Flamethrower var. ‘watermelon’
As the national tree of New Caledonia, this palm is famous for its new fronds that emerge red in color, hence the Flamethrower nickname. The watermelon variation is exhibited when trunking.

Dypsis pembana Palm Tree
A water loving Dypsis. They prefer to start in part shade and grow into full sun when older.

Sabal mauritiformis Palm Tree
Sabal mauritiformis prefers zone 9b and exhibits a unique characteristic of holding leave bases long after petioles are trimmed. These are into their second year of growth.

Sabal causiarum Palm Tree
The Sabal causiarum is very adaptable palm, handling Zone 9a (maybe even a warm 8b) through the tropics. Causiarum can grow into a mammoth. Exhibits a smooth grey trunk when mature.

Ptychosperma lineare Palm Tree
A graceful, clustering Ptychopserma from Papau-New Guinea. The palm grows to 40′ and is great for a compact space inside a tropical garden.

Livistona saribus
Beautiful palm with armored petioles.  Prefers sunny and well drained position. Cold tolerant when older. 

Archontophoenix maxima
Fast growing, water loving, rockets when given the right conditions. They prefer to start in part shade and grow into full sun when older. 

Dypsis lastelliana, ‘Redneck’ Palm
An elegant and colorful Dypsis with large stature and fuzzy bright red crownshaft. Loves rich soil with regular fertilizer and watering, intolerant of any frost.

Dictyosperma album Palm Tree
Dictyosperma album does best in zone 10a and above. Loves humid, warm and frequent rainfall. Palm is attractive when young with it’s red colored leaflet edges.